Quality and reliability label

Design of the quality label.

Quality label - what is it?

It is a guarantee of safe payment. Paysera has created it to ensure the variety of payment methods and secure payment processing online.

Benefit for Merchants

By displaying Paysera quality label on the website, the merchant shows customers that his/her website is verified by Paysera administrators and website owners have been identified and can be contacted.

This way, customers know that the website is reliable and can provide an acceptable payment method.

Customers are sure that www.paysera.com can provide information about e-shops of the merchant. By hovering the cursor over the label, the customer will see main contact information of the project, and by clicking on the label, the customer is redirected to a page on Paysera website created for the merchant and displaying important information about the projects.

Since most banks and payment systems linked to Paysera system require a written consent to display their logotypes, the quality label informs the payer about the possibility to pay via banks without placing their logotypes on the merchant's website. This way the merchant not only saves space, but also avoids negotiations for consents to place logotypes on the website and changing updated bank logotypes.

How to place the quality label?

To place the label of quality and reliability on your website, please login in to www.paysera.com, click on the menu item "Manage projects", and click on "General settings" next to the project. Copy the unique source code and paste it in your website's index file.