Fees for additional services related to transfers

Most Paysera services are provided to clients at cost price. Usually, this includes only fees charged by our partners, but sometimes service provision also requires a lot of human resources and has to be charged additionally.

Service Fee
Crediting of money to the account according to instructions Free
Fee for invalid account top up when it is performed with an incorrect payment purpose (not according to the instructions) 1,00 EUR
Fee for invalid account replenishment when it is performed to a different bank than indicated in the instructions 1,00 % from the transferred amount,
but no more than 13,03 EUR + actual bank expenses
Fee for refund when payment cannot be credited to the account of the recipient (e.g. due to incorrect payment data) 1,00 EUR + actual bank expenses
Specification of data/cancellation**/investigation of an international transfer when the transfer is already sent from the Paysera system 1,45 EUR + actual bank expenses
(from 10,00 EUR up to 80,00 EUR)*
SEPA transfer cancellation** 2,00 EUR when not yet sent from Paysera
10,00 EUR when sent from Paysera and 10 calendar days have not passed yet
21,45 EUR when sent from Paysera and 10 calendar days have already passed
Cancellation of an urgent transfer in EUR in Lithuania** 1,45 EUR + actual bank expenses (from 0,29 EUR up to 29,00 EUR)*
Confirmation about the completion of an international transfer by the correspondent bank or the provision of a copy of the notification (SWIFT copy) from 10,00 EUR up to 20,00 EUR
Fee of the Information System of Cash-Flow Restrictions (PLAIS) 1,02 EUR + 0,15 EUR (Paysera
fee for forced debit)

* Price depends on the fees applied by the bank correspondent.

** In case of transfer cancellation: the refund terms depend on confirmation of the recipient to return the funds. Period of returning funds might last up to a month (SEPA up to 10 days). Not whole amount may be returned, it depends on recipient's bank and or fees applied by the corresponding banks. The commission fee for initiation of transfer cancellation is always charged.